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a bit of history

When Fr. John Wilson was assigned as an associate pastor to Most Precious Blood
Parish  in 1930, Fr. Basil Didier charged him with the task of finding a way for the
parish to make extra income in order to help cover the cost of the newly built
school. With the House Committee, he explored the idea of installing bowling
lanes. With Fr. Didier’s go-ahead, 4 used and slightly charred lanes were
purchased in Fort Wayne for $500. They were turned  over, sanded and installed
along with semi-automatic pinsetters in an empty room of the school basement.
Two more lanes in better condition and machines were bought in Huntington for
another $500 and installed. Also purchased was a bar, tables and seating. The
semi-automatic pinsetters were operated by pin boys.  Northside Recreation was
up and running by 1932, and it became one of the primary places to go on this side
of town. As well as a gathering space for parishioners and the surrounding
neighborhood during the Great Depression, it was busy with bowlers 7 days a
week. On Fridays it hosted a Fish Fry which was usually free, and 8 oz. glasses
of beer sold  for 5 cents. It was so successful, a burglar alarm had to be installed
after 3 break-ins in two months. The criminal was apprehended the 4th time and
was given a 2-to-5-year sentence.
New life was infused into the center in 1970 when parishioner Max Jaehn heard
that 6 automatic pinsetters could be purchased for $2000 each from the former
Scott’s Alleys. With the help of parishioners, the machines were lowered into the basement with chains through a hole made in the floor at the school’s entrance and installed. Around the same time, the center was incorporated. In 1975, at the request of the pastor at the time, Rich Sarrazin took over as manager, and John
McMahon was installed as Vice President. Through their dedication as a team, they  formed the center into what it is today. John passed away in August 1997. His children now volunteer to this day in his memory. Rich took on wearing a few more hats and continued to keep the machines in good repair,
and kept it up to date without losing its period charm. He also enjoyed teaching bowling fundamentals during the school year when the students found him as
their instructor for the bowling unit in gym class. He devoted a large portion of his time to NSRC, and in 2017 it was renamed the Rich Sarrazin Bowling Center.
As with the world, activity at the center slowed for a period of time due to the Covid pandemic, but is opening back up busier than ever. Unfortunately, it has had to move forward without Rich’s guidance as he passed away from Covid complications on November 2, 2021. His presence at RSBC can still be felt. Larry Sarrazin and Wendy Luley (Rich’s son and daughter) have now taken over his role and will continue to operate the center in his memory as well as John McMahon’s. Due to the dedication of hardworking people who gave and continue to give of their free time away from their families in order to help other families make memories, RSBC has survived for 90 years and counting. Plans are in the works to update the center while retaining its historical charm. Please stay tuned…


hIGH GAME Hall of Fame


299 game

harry vaughn

1958-1959 season

300 game

rick sarrazin

september 29  1999

300 game

jay furge

Winter 2002

300 game

Stacy nicoleson

300 game

Larry Sarrazin

November 08 2017 

Winter 2015


High Series since 1932 -



Bruick                                   700
Ramsey                                 712
r.Ramsey                          700
f.Koselke                           703

lone ranger nsrc
fort wayne turners league
northside major league
fort wayne turners leaue


r.ramset                             712                                             Northside major league


chick morton             712                                              Northside major league


e. stuck                                 706                                           Northside booster league


h. Vaughn                           760                                           Northside miner  league


l. sarrazin                      796                                          wednesday night merchants



a. Gonzalez                   817                                             Monday night  league


300 game

Andrew Gonzalez 

February 21 2022 

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